Career Opportunities – Exciting Community Designed Project

The Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project (MIP) is the first of its kind – an exciting 3-year reef water quality project funded by the Queensland Government and designed by the local community and a consortium of over 40 partners.

The consortium includes industry, researchers, local government, traditional owners, community groups, consultants, investors and government. The Wet Tropics MIP aims to deliver enduring sustainable land management that also benefit local communities.

The project concentrates efforts in the Johnstone and Tully basins in the Wet Tropics Region and positions will be based in Innisfail and Tully. The successful candidates will be hosted/located within local partner organisations. Terrain Natural Resource Management coordinates the project on behalf of a Project Panel and consortium partners.

 Current Positions Vacant     

  1. MIP Project Leader
  2. MIP Basin Coordinator (Tully)
  3. MIP Basin Coordinator (Innisfail)