Cassowary Added to Recovery List

February 24, 2016

Cassowary Added to Recovery List

Following the recent listing of cassowaries as one of Australia’s most important endangered species to recover, the Australian Government asked Terrain NRM to submit cassowary project proposals for possible funding.

Tony O’Malley, Terrain’s Community Partnerships Leader, worked with the Cassowary Recovery Team to put forward new proposals including revegetation of four major habitat corridors to reconnect cassowary populations to World Heritage Areas, cassowary projects with Cape York Traditional Owners, and solutions to address vehicle strike in roadkill hotspots, which are the major cause of cassowary deaths. 

Meanwhile, Terrain is already helping a number of cassowary recovery projects. Community group C4 was recently provided with a Terrain Community NRM Grant (funded by the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme) to help revegetate cassowary corridors at Smiths Gap. Smiths Gap is the bottleneck in the Walter Hill Range linking Mission Beach and Ravenshoe via continuous rainforest. There will be a workshop for interested landholders in early April.

The Bruce Highway cuts through Smiths Gap and Main Roads are currently investigating the possible installation of overtaking lanes to improve driver safety.

Subsequent wider roads and increased traffic speed could cause rainforest fauna impacts, so Terrain is working with stakeholders to find a solution that ensures both driver and wildlife safety.