CEO’s June Message

June 10, 2018

CEO Carole Sweatman

The announcement that Qantas will jump on board the new Reef Credits Scheme is great news for all of us - and for the Great Barrier Reef. Qantas plans to purchase reef credits, as it does carbon credits.

We know that farmers and graziers are major investors in change. Reef Credits will capitalise on their amazing contribution to improving reef health. The Reef Credit will diversify farm income, paying for the improved environmental outcomes that are enjoyed by us all.

Farmers will receive an ecosystem service payment in exchange for on-farm changes that reduce nutrient, pesticides or sediment run-off to the Reef. We are proud to be part of this initiative which you can read about in our enewsletter.

We also welcome the appointment of our first 'Emerging Leader' to the Terrain NRM Board. Congratulations Rhiannon Simcocks. For more details, see her story in our latest enewsletter.