CEO’s May Message

May 10, 2018

Carole Sweatman
CEO, Terrain NRM

A recent $500 million investment in the Great Barrier Reef by the Australian Government is welcome news.

This includes a new $201 million focus on changing farming practices to improve water quality - through new technologies, reduced fertiliser use and altered land management practices. It also includes funds for reef restoration, reef health monitoring, sea country management, coastal clean-up days and the fight against crown of thorns starfish.

We would like to congratulate the Australian Government on this significant investment. It is great news for the future of the Reef and Wet Tropics region.

The funding will be administered through the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and Terrain is looking forward to building a positive working relationship with the Foundation.

We look forward to promoting the excellent work already achieved by Wet Tropics farmers and strategies for continuing to support these efforts.

This builds on the very positive regional partnerships with agricultural industries, local government, community and researchers.