‘Emerging Leader’ vacancy

April 29, 2019

Do you have a passion for the environment and sustainable agriculture?

Terrain NRM is searching for the next ‘emerging leader’ to advise and learn from its board of directors.

The Far North’s natural resource management body created a 12-month mentoring program last year for young leaders and wannabe board directors, and its success has led to another opportunity.

Cairns business consultant Rhiannon Simcocks’s year in the role recently ended.  The Kleinhardt Business Consultants employee said it had been inspiring to work in an area she was passionate about, and in a boardroom full of enthusiasm about learning from the ‘next’ generation.

“It was such a positive experience – and just as invaluable for me to learn more about natural resource management, make connections outside my usual professional circles and be involved in an organisation operating at such a professional and strategic level,’’ she said.

“Many young people are looking for ways to become more involved in organisations working in the areas they are passionate about.  My family has a history on the land dating back five generations – it’s ingrained in me so getting the opportunity to use my skills and expertise in an organisation working so closely with land managers was extremely fulfilling.”

Board chairperson Keith Noble said Rhiannon had given the board fresh perspectives and insights.

“This program has been a win-win because we’ve learnt as much from Rhiannon as she has from us,’’ he said.

“We’ve enjoyed having her on the board with us and wish her every success in her career.”

He said the hunt was now on for a new ‘emerging leader’ with a passion for sustainable use of natural resources.

“Terrain NRM is an independent not-for-profit organisation that works with the Wet Tropics community to promote sustainable use of land and waterways, protect environmental values and support healthy, viable communities,’’ he said.

“We have seven board directors, with a diverse range of skills and knowledge, who all believe it’s important to connect with young people. We are, after all, in the business of protecting our natural assets for future generations.”

To find out more about the Emerging Leader position on Terrain NRM’s Board, visit our ‘Employment’ page.