EOIs open for 25 ranger positions

October 27, 2017

The 2017 State Budget provided a funding boost for Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers, to bring the total to 100 positions across Queensland over the next four years.EOIs open for 25 additional indigenous ranger positions, Queensland

An additional 25 ranger positions (state-wide) will be available. Expressions of Interest are open and must be submitted by the 9th November. Funding will most likely be delivered in mid 2018.

This is a great opportunity for those groups with capacity in the Wet Tropics catchments to host some of the positions. The funding can be used for a range of expenses including:

  • Wages and on-costs for Indigenous rangers. These are funded at an amount equivalent to relevant salary schedules under the Queensland Government ‘Conservation Parks and Wildlife Employees Award – State Government’.
  • Wages and on-costs for a ranger coordinator position.
  • Assets – this may include items such as storage sheds, quad bikes, spray units, vehicles, etc. Any asset purchase will need to be clearly linked to the delivery of the work plan.
  • Operational costs – including vehicle costs, minor equipment, uniforms, office and project overheads and travel.
  • Training – priority is given to training that is a core requirement for rangers to participate in work-plan delivery.
  • Domestic travel – to support ranger field work, ranger exchanges and attendance at conferences, workshops and training where this is complementary to work-plan delivery.
  • Administration and audit – host organisations receive 15% of the total budget for contract management, auditing and administration.

This is exciting because it means that budding ranger groups can apply to establish an entire ranger program including wages, coordination, infrastructure and vehicles.

If you think your group could benefit from this kind of seed funding, you can read the guidelines here and submit your EOI here.