Funding attracts valuable vigor

May 16, 2016

Funding attracts valuable vigor

Volunteers at a planting earlier this year organised by TREAT (Courtesy: Barbara Lansky)

TREAT (Trees for the Evelyn and Atherton Tablelands Inc) is contributing $30K worth of their own experience, knowledge and skills to a project boosted by Terrain NRM to join the wildlife corridor from the Lake Eacham section of Crater Lakes National Park to the Curtain Fig National Park.

Through Terrain’s Community Grants, the Australian Government has provided the community group with $29,700 and is already seeing value for money with activities underway to improve the genetic base for mammals, forest birds and plants in the iconic area.

TREAT’s Angela McCaffrey said, “The corridor is already showing great results with tree-kangaroos, green ringtail possums and many other forest creatures finding their way into properties well beyond the area of the national parks.

“We (TREAT) have been actively revegetating the Tablelands for the last 33 years and have a lot of knowledge and experience to make this project a success. Grants like this give us the financial backing we need to really make a difference to our local landscape.”

The funding is enabling TREAT to fill most of the gaps in the Peterson Creek wildlife corridor with new plantings of over 4,500 trees whilst maintaining existing revegetation efforts which have not yet reached canopy closure. 

The project covers three properties and activities include, grass and weed management, two community plantings, fencing to deter livestock, frost guard and fertiliser application, and maintenance of the sites.

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