Government agrees to all Reef Taskforce recommendations

August 23, 2016

Government agrees to all Reef Taskforce recommendations

'Fishes' by Julie Johnston

From the Office of the Great Barrier Reef:

The Queensland Government has agreed or agreed in principle with all ten recommendations from the Great Barrier Reef Water Science Taskforce.

The Government announced immediate support for four recommendations (two major integrated projects, increased extension, funding for innovation, and expanded monitoring) when it received the Taskforce’s Final Report in May.

It has now agreed to review the reef water quality targets, better communicate how everyone can improve reef water quality, use incentives to drive water quality improvements, consider targeted regulatory approaches, develop a strategic investment plan, and simplify and strengthen governance arrangements.

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The Government also received the ‘Costs of achieving the water quality targets for the Great Barrier Reef’ study as the final piece of work from the Taskforce. A consortium of economic and water quality experts investigated the cost of various policy options for reducing sediment and nitrogen run-off across the reef catchments.

The total estimated cost to meet the targets in four out of the five regions investigated and to make good progress in the Wet Tropics by 2025 is around $8.2 billion.

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