Indigenous Director Opportunity

October 29, 2018

Terrain NRM is looking for an Indigenous Director to join its seven-member board.

The board looks at the big picture, and provides direction on protecting and improving environmental assets like soil, water, vegetation and biodiversity, and that are in the best interests of the region’s stakeholders.

Outgoing Director Allison Halliday said it is a great opportunity for someone with knowledge of natural resource management issues in the Wet Tropics, and who is passionate about bringing a contemporary Indigenous perspective to the Terrain board.

“I’ve valued my time as a Director – it’s been a real privilege to work with a leading NRM organisation. They understand how vital partnerships are, and the importance of having an Indigenous perspective that represents Rainforest Aboriginal Bama, at a strategic level.

“As part of Terrain’s commitment to promoting sustainable use of land and waterways, and supporting healthy communities, they want to make sure there’s space where we can continue to voice the aspirations of Bama in NRM matters.”

Expressions of Interest (EOI) are now open – let us know why you want to be a Director, and what you could bring to the role.

Send your answers and a current, abbreviated CV (max 2 pages) by email to by 4:30pm on Tuesday 13 November.

Before submitting an EOI we recommend you download and read this Information Pack, and that you familiarise yourself with Terrain's constitution (available here)

General enquiries about the role can be directed to to Hannah O'Kane by phoning 4043 8000.