Kids Care for Cassowaries

June 19, 2017

Mission Beach State School students are once again getting busy designing cassowary road crossing signs.

Since the area is a hotspot for cassowaries the temporary signs are a bright and colourful reminder to drivers to take care as they drive through important cassowary habitat and known wildlife crossings.

Transport and Main Roads have given Terrain special permission to install the signs on local main roads during the Mission Beach Community Cassowary Festival on Sunday 4 June.

"The signs help raise visitors' awareness of wildlife crossings, foster community pride in our wildlife and showcase the school kids' amazing talents," said Terrain's Tony O'Malley.

The students' designs are enhanced by graphic designer Liz Gallie to provide clear messages to motorists.

C4, Mission Beach Cassowaries and Mission Beach Tourism fund the printing of the signs.

For more information on the Cassowary Festival click HERE.