Laptops donated to Mission Australia

April 29, 2019

Pre-loved laptops will help people in need to access education.

Terrain NRM has donated seven laptops to the Cairns branch of Mission Australia, a community organisation that supports families and helps homeless people of all ages find housing and get a ‘leg-up’ in life.

Mission Australia’s area manager Michael Musumeci said the computers would be used in community programs on Mornington Island in the Gulf region. Programs range from a safe house for young people to a women’s place and a ‘safe haven’ service for families.

“These laptops will help disadvantaged people in remote communities to connect with vital resources and to access education,’’ Mr Musumeci said.
“Our focus is usually on more basic needs like beds, fridges and other furniture so we are overwhelmingly grateful for donations like this.

“This is the third time that Terrain NRM has gifted laptops over the past few years, and it’s helped many of our services including Cairns’s Hambledon House Community Centre where we’ve been able to set-up a computer station for the general public.”

Terrain NRM’s CEO Carole Sweatman said it was pleasing to be able to help the wider community.

“We usually work with the community, and with industries, on sustainable land and water management,’’ she said. “As a not-for-profit in Far North Queensland, it’s great to be able to help communities in a different way and to have an ongoing relationship with social programs across the region.”

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