Locals star in new TV campaign

May 14, 2019

Four Tully locals star in a new television campaign which is airing during the World Rafting Championships, showcasing a “raft of reasons” to look after our waterways and environment.

Clarence Kinjun, Peter Salleras, Vince Nicotra and Hannah O’Kane all share their unique perspectives on how Tully locals are looking after the landscapes.

Wet Tropics cane grower Vince Nicotra is one of several farmers hosting demonstration sites on their farms to assess what practices make a difference to water quality and why, as well as any associated impacts on yield and profit.

“There are no better stewards of the land than the people who are working on it,” Mr Nicotra says. “This is my home and my community and so, like most farmers, I want to do what’s right and make sure we leave it in good shape.”

Carole Sweatman, CEO of Terrain NRM, said the World Rafting Championships were a great opportunity to highlight some of the work happening in the Tully district to improve water quality. 

“There’s so much change happening on the ground that often goes unrecognised so we wanted to celebrate some of these successes and show the rest of the community how people care about our Wet Tropics environment and what they’re doing to help protect the Great Barrier Reef,” Ms Sweatman said. 

Clarence, Peter, Vince and Hannah are all involved in the Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project, a reef water quality program in the Tully and Johnstone. The project is focused on reducing the amount of nutrients, sediments and pesticides flowing to the Great Barrier Reef, while ensuring that regional communities are sustainable into the future. It is funded by the Queensland Government through the Queensland Reef Water Quality Program. 

The campaign is airing on Channel 7, Channel 9 and WIN, until the 20 May.W