Mahogany Glider Saved From Extinction

September 24, 2015

Mahogany Glider Saved From Extinction

Terrain's Jacqui Richards shows Threatened Species Commissioner work being done to restore mahogany glider habitat

Threatened Species Commissioner Visits Mahogany Glider Projects

Once considered extinct, the mahogany glider, is one of Australia's most endangered mammals but thanks to funding from the Federal Government and help from a number of keen conservationists and other stakeholders, this beautiful animal now has a fighting chance at survival.

Gregory Andrews, the Federal Government’s Threatened Species Commissioner, is funding a habitat restoration project along the Stone River mahogany glider corridor, called ‘Connecting the Dots’. The projects goal is to restore a high priority woodlands habitat corridor that was severely damaged by Cyclone Yasi. The project includes incentives for landholders to undertake revegetation, installation of wildlife friendly fencing, weed control and fire management. 

Mahogany gliders can only glide an average distance of 30 metres and they are reluctant to cross open ground to reach fragmented pockets of habitat. This work will ensure that gliders in this area can move between Girringun National Park and Wharps Holding, a 16,000ha Lease hold property.

Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world but the Threatened Species Commissioner’s appointment by the Australian Government highlights the commitment to halting and reversing this decline.

Mr. Andrews is visiting North Queensland this week to attend the 'Celebration for Cassowaries & Their Friends' event in Mission Beach on the 26th September. During his three day trip he is visiting the mahogany glider projects. 

“Improving habitat for threatened species is one of the four key action areas identified in Australia’s first ever Threatened Species Strategy. I look forward to talking with the community on how we can work together to protect this unique and vital species,” Mr Andrews said.

Carole Sweatman, CEO of Terrain NRM, an invited participant at the Australian Government’s first Threatened Species Summit in Melbourne in July where the Environment Minister launched the Threatened Species Strategy, said his visit was an opportunity to discuss threatened species in the region.

“We welcome the approach taken by the Government to protect threatened species and we are now working with them to ensure that the mahogany glider is included on the priority list for recovery,” she said.