Message from CEO, Chair

June 25, 2019

CEO Carole Sweatman's announcement:

After nine amazing years at Terrain NRM, it is time for me to leave and explore new career opportunities. This has been a really difficult decision to make. I am going to miss working with such a talented team of people, and working with so many of you in the community, to protect our wonderful Wet Tropics environment. But the time is right, both for me personally and, I believe, for the organisation.

A recruitment process will begin soon for our new CEO. I will be here until that process is completed so there is a smooth transition. While changing CEOs is challenging, Terrain is in a really strong position and the new CEO will also be able to contribute to mapping out our future as a part of our current strategic review. Thank you to everyone for making the past nine years so exciting and rewarding.

Message from Terrain NRM Chair Keith Noble:

From the time I was appointed Terrain NRM Chair, my greatest fear has always been the day Carole Sweatman said to me “there’s something I need to tell you …” Well, that day is here. Carole informed the board at our recent board meeting that she was ready to explore “what’s next”.

Carole is, and will continue to be, an exceptional CEO and person, and Terrain has benefited enormously from her dedication, her clear thinking, her leadership, and her integrity and commitment to always doing the right thing.

There is no doubt that Terrain NRM is at the forefront of regional natural resource management in Australia in reputation, organisational resilience, and demonstrated outcomes through proven partnerships. There is also no doubt that Carole has helped Terrain achieve this position, along with the leadership team she has built and nourished, and the dedicated and talented staff that have been attracted to, and make, our great organisation.

A good organisation is greater than the sum of its parts, and being sustainable means not being reliant on any one part or individual. Terrain NRM’s board is confident that our company is in that position. We have seen Terrain undergo great change under Carole’s leadership, and we know that change never stops.

While there is never a ‘right’ time for change, Carole and Terrain NRM’s board agree this is the best time within the parameters we can control. We have secure funding for the next four years, many innovations are in place and working (such as MIP, Reef Credits, NQ NRM Alliance), our strategic review will benefit from Carole’s experience and can also accommodate new thinking by our next CEO, and our partnerships with community and industry are robust and mature.

We have agreed that Carole’s departure date will be 24 February 2020 but it may be sooner depending on the outcome of the recruitment process. Our goal is to find another great leader to take Terrain NRM forward and then allow them to hit the ground running through a clear transition process and handover with Carole.

On behalf of Terrain NRM’s board, I express our sincere appreciation to Carole for everything she has done for, and with, Terrain during these past nine years. I look forward to watching Carole’s career and contribution continue to soar and inspire, in whatever she chooses to do next.

I am confident Terrain NRM will do the same, and that we will continue to be partners.