Message from the CEO

December 16, 2019

Merry Christmas from everyone at Terrain NRM!  

Thank you to all our partners for your ongoing support and commitment to delivering projects that are improving the Wet Tropics region’s water quality, biodiversity, productivity and sustainability.

Some of the highlights from 2019 include: 

  • Installing 10 treatment systems (bioreactors, wetlands and a high-efficiency sediment basin) on farms as part of the Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project. This team is also monitoring 30 water sampling sites and holding shed meetings with farmers to provide water quality data that helps them make informed decisions.
  • Completing major erosion remediation projects on Tableland cattle stations and on other Tableland and Mossman properties as part of the Herbert Gully and Grazing Project, the Upper Johnstone Integrated Project and Mossman Integrated Catchment Repair Project. These initiatives are all about reducing sediment loads flowing to the Great Barrier Reef while also improving productivity and sustainability on the land.
  • Seeing Peter and Kate Waddell from Woodleigh Cattle Station win the Qld Reef Sediment Champions Award after working with us through the Herbert Gully & Grazing Project. Also, seeing extension officer Will Darveniza win the Youth Reef Champion Award for his work on the Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project.
  • Helping hundreds of landholders through soil health and natural grazing workshops and teaming up with landholders to introduce new practices on their properties.
  • Working with partners on our projects to protect cassowaries, mahogany gliders, Mabi forest, littoral rainforest and other natural landscapes from Mossman to Ingham. 
  • Releasing the 2019 Wet Tropics Report Card, which showed a continuation of moderate to good grades across most catchments, and hosting the region's first Emerging Issues in Waterway Health Forum.
  • Successfully completing the Australian Government’s Reef Trust 3 project as part of the Wet Tropics Sugar Industry Partnership, which resulted in 296 cane farmers making verified practice changes that led to an estimated 10% reduction in dissolved inorganic nitrogen flowing to the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Being named on the 2019 AFR Boss Most Innovative Companies List, published by The Australian Financial Review and Boss Magazine.

Successful projects are a result of many people working together - from landholders to recovery networks and from scientists and government agencies to locals who are passionate about our natural assets.

Thank you all for working with us. We look forward to more milestones in 2020.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the nine years of service and leadership that Carole Sweatman has provided as CEO of this organisation. We wish Carole the greatest success in her new role with GreenCollar.

Stewart Christie
CEO, Terrain NRM