MIP Update 2018 – #1

January 17, 2018

In keeping with the MIP’s usual pace, it was a very busy end to 2017 and an extremely busy two months for the new Wet Tropics MIP Project Team. Since hitting the ground in mid October, the team has:

  • Convened three Project Panel meetings;
  • Attended one Steering Committee meeting, providing an update on the first two months and our priorities for the next six months;
  • Convened and/or participated in nearly 20 workshops and meetings; and
  • Engaged with numerous stakeholders in developing relationships.

Below is a summary of key achievements from the last two months, and the next steps.

Project Governance, Communication and Reporting

  • Project Panel implementation terms of reference and operating arrangements have been reviewed and refocussed with an implementation focus;
  • The WTMIP Monitoring and Evaluation Plan has been finalised and approved by the Office of the Great Barrier Reef;
  • A Communications Plan has been finalised and is being implemented.

Farm Services Program

  • The Project Panel has endorsed a framework and process for developing the detailed Co-designed Farm Services Program;
  • The team that developed the Farm Services Feasibility Report have been re-engaged to assist with development of the Farm Services Program;
  • Priority cluster areas have been refined and planning is underway to run a series of Walking the Landscape Landholder workshops in February 2018.  These workshops are a critical element of the Farm Services Program.

Catchment Repair and Treatment Systems Program

  • A number of no-regrets sites have been site assessed;
  • The Project Panel has endorsed an Implementation Plan. It focusses on undertaking as much planning and design work as possible over the 2017/2018 wet season with a view to the 2018 dry season being a significant construction window;
  • A site assessment, development process and decision support matrix have all been developed to support the Implementation Plan;
  • To assist with implementation the Project Panel has endorsed the creation of a temporary Project Officer position which is currently being recruited to;
  • In the coming weeks, EOIs will be called for to undertake planning and design works, including monitoring plans, as well as EOIs for earth moving contractors and supply of materials.

Local Scale Monitoring

  • A base line grab sampling program has been developed and is being implemented over the current wet season;
  • The WTMIP has advertised for a Senior Water Quality Project Officer to drive the development and implementation of the Local Scale Monitoring Program.

Influencing Program

  • Significant work has been undertaken in designing the governance arrangements for the Reef Credits initiative;
  • A methods technical group has been convened and draft methods are well underway;
  • Volunteer landholders have been identified for pilot/test projects;
  • A Steering Committee has been established.

A further update will be provided at the end of the next quarter. In the meantime keep an eye out for MIP EOIs which will be circulated to all Consortium Partners.

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