Natural Grazing Workshops

March 20, 2018

Free workshops on natural grazing methods will be held in the Ravenshoe and Ingham regions.

Terrain NRM is bringing a leader in ecological farming, Dick Richardson, to the Wet Tropics in April for two workshops focused on improving soil health through animal grazing practices and plants.

Dick Richardson is a well-known presenter at industry field days and on-farm events in Australia and overseas, drawing on a lifetime of work in ecological farming practices and resilient ecological systems.

The Grazing Naturally workshops are part of a new Gully and Streambank Erosion Control project for the Herbert catchment, funded by the Australian Government through its Reef Trust Phase IV program and delivered by Terrain NRM.

The project will include earthworks to re-shape gullies, revegetation work, fencing to keep stock away from streambanks, weed management and a fresh look at grazing practices in the Wet Tropics.

Dick Richardson’s “Grazing Naturally” workshops are on Monday 9 April at Woodleigh Station near Ravenshoe and Thursday 12 April at the QCWA Hall on Stoneleigh Rd in Upper Stone near Ingham. Both workshops will run from 9am to 4pm. Refreshments will be provided and landholders can phone Terrain NRM’s Jen Mackenzie on 0438 206 343 or email to register or learn more.

Landholders will learn about flexible, easy-to-replicate paddock grazing patterns using up to six paddocks and incorporating the wet season or 12-month spelling practices. The workshop will also look at different grazing pressures for different paddocks and managing land on a case by case basis to suit local situations and desired outcomes.