RALFs a one-stop-shop for farmers

February 12, 2019

We are here to help you with innovative and sustainable farming – that’s the message for landholders from the Far North’s three agricultural landcare facilitators.

Jen Redway, Andrew Hartwig and Laura Miller are calling on farmers to pick up the phone or come and speak with them when they need help with new ideas, methods and grant applications.

Jen said the three regional agricultural landcare facilitators - who work for natural resource management bodies in the Wet Tropics, Cape York and Northern Gulf – were a “one-stop-shop” for farmers.

“We can put you in touch with specialists in the field or like-minded growers, recommend funding opportunities, let you know about relevant workshops or farm demonstrations and basically be your contact to support sustainable agriculture and farm management,’’ she said.

New funding has been announced for regional agricultural landcare facilitators, or RALFs, through the Australian Government’s Regional Landcare Program. The RALF roles now have a greater focus on agricultural land management practices that improve soil quality, biodiversity and vegetation.   

“Farmers have a huge bank of knowledge already but there are always new things to learn about agricultural sustainability,’’ Jen, who works for Terrain NRM, said.    

“We can connect you with the latest ideas, information and innovations. Often people are working on common issues and it can help to bounce ideas off each other. Working together can also lead to better on-ground outcomes.”

Cape York NRM’s RALF Andrew Hartwig encouraged farmers to pick up the phone.

“We are also a point of contact for government information relating to agriculture and we’d like to see more people use us in this way as well," he said.

The trio has recently been helping farmers to apply for SmartFarm grants and supporting projects ranging from a soil health program for landholders to a riparian revegetation and watercourse stabilisation initiative.

Jen can be contacted through Terrain NRM on 0415 136 328.  Andrew works with Cape York NRM and is on 0418 216 300 and Laura looks after the Northern Gulf RMG region and can be contacted on 0438 705 477.