Partnership Improves Cassowary Corridors

July 14, 2015

cassowary corridor

Terrain, National Parks, C4 and Council revegetate Muff Creek cassowary corridor







Crazy About Cassowaries, a partnership of organisations working in Mission Beach natural areas, has revegetated an important cassowary corridor at Muff Creek by planting 300 new trees.

The group, with representatives from Cassowary Coast Regional Council, National Parks, C4 and Terrain NRM, decided to take positive action after hearing that the area had been damaged by unlawful fire and subsequent weed growth.

The Muff Creek site is a Council reserve that helps link Garners Beach habitat to Double Mountain and then Clump Mountain National Park.

The 300 trees were donated by Council and National Parks. Council also coordinated the site preparation with help from their NEATO work-for-the-dole team, while C4 and Terrain NRM helped plant the trees. Council will maintain the plantings until they are established and might do more revegetation along the road frontage over time to improve connectivity of the area.

Tony O’Malley, Terrain’s Community Partnerships Leader, said these partnership projects to revegetate degraded areas are important for cassowaries and also improve visual amenity, tourist appeal and civic pride.

“This particular reserve is adjacent to a tidal waterway so the revegetation also helps improve water quality flowing into the marine environment,” he said.  

Crazy About Cassowaries has several more revegetation projects in the pipeline; the next one being Friday 25 September, the day before World Cassowary Day.
“We’ll be planting trees in another vital cassowary corridor” said C4 President Peter Rowles. “It will be advertised beforehand and everyone’s welcome to attend.”

Mission Beach is hosting this year’s World Cassowary Day event on 26 September. The event will celebrate cassowaries and other Wet Tropics wildlife and the people working to protect our threatened species. It will be held in Ross Overton Park beside C4.

Other organisations who’ve helped out at previous Crazy About Cassowaries sites since 2009 include Girringun, Djiru, Rainforest Rescue, Mission Beach Cassowaries, Mission Beach School and many community volunteers.