Digging Deeper Plus – Soil Management Program

Learning more about soil health and fertility on farms, reading soil tests with confidence and taking action to address soil issues - this is what Digging Deeper Plus is all about.

Digging Deeper Plus is a soil management program for farmers and other land managers in the Wet Tropics, Cape York and Northern Gulf regions, which began in mid-December 2018 and will run until May 2019.

Program details

The program is led by well-known agriculture ecologist David Hardwick with support from Terrain NRM staff and specialists.

Terrain NRM secured Australian Government funding through the National Landcare Program to deliver the program, which includes:

  • Places for 27 farming businesses
  • One day per month (for six months) of practical soil health sessions, with visits to each participating property
  • A soil test and comprehensive analysis
  • Development of soil action plans for all participating farming businesses

What farmers are learning:

With real soils, real situations and soil tests, this program increases land managers' confidence to manage their own soils. The program is delivered in a group so everyone learns from each other. The course is holistic, covers biological and chemical approaches to soils management.

Farmers learn about:

  • Soils and how they function
  • Soil nutrients on-farm
  • How different farm practices affect soil health and fertility
  • Soil tests - how to read them with confidence and assess your soil health in the paddock
  • Monitoring, identifying and mapping soil types across your property
  • Identifying soil constraints such as low organic matter, pH, soil salinity
    and compaction
  • Setting benchmarks for your soils and taking effective action to address issues
  • Biofertilisers, fertilisers, soil amendments and the range of fertility input options

For more information, email diggingdeeper@terrain.org.au
You can also visit the Australian Government's National Landcare Program 'Regional Landcare Partnerships' webpage.

Soil Health Hub

The Soil Health Hub for the Wet Tropics region is an ever expanding resource library for the collective dirt we have compiled on the What, Why, Where, Who and How of great soil biology. You can search the full list of soil health technical resources, videos and case studies, find contact details for local soil health groups and see soil maps for the Wet Tropics region.

Soil Health Videos

Learn more about soil health in the Wet Tropics by watching this series of short videos, presented by agroecologist David Hardwick.

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