Video Series: Wet Tropics Soil Health

Soil health is one of the most important assets on your farm and needs to be managed well in order to maintain healthy crops and pastures.

The following videos have been produced to support Soil Health Training occurring in the Wet Tropics, including Terrain's Digging Deeper Plus program.

1.Soil Health in the Wet Tropics

soil health wet tropicsPresented by agricultural ecologist David Hardwick, this video provides an overview of soil health in the Wet Tropics and explains how the physical, chemical and biological components of your soil need to be in balance.

2. Soil Biology: The Life in your Topsoil

soil biologyThis video talks about soil biology, what it is, what organisms are living in your soil and why soil biology is so important to your farm.

3. Soil Organic Matter

soil organic matterOrganic matter is one of the most important parts of your soil and without it plants struggle to grow. This video talks about what it is, how to assess it on your farm and how to improve it.

4. Managing Nitrogen

managing nitrogen

Nitrogen fertiliser is important for crop yields but managing your use of nitrogen effectively can be a challenge. This video provides some tips on how to manage nitrogen well.

5. Soil Acidity

soil acidity

The high rainfall in the Wet Tropics encourages acidification of the soil, which is problematic for plants. This video talks about soil acidity, how to monitor it and what to do about it if its a problem on your farm.

6. Soil Structure

soil structure

Good soil structure is important for healthy plant growth. This video shows what good soil structure is, what its benefits are and how to improve soil structure on your farm.

7. Regenerative Cane Farming

Making it personal - Ray Zamora's story.

8. Regenerative Horticulture

Making it personal - Peter Salleras' story.