Project Catalyst

Now in its seventh year, Project Catalyst is a pioneering partnership between more than 70 innovative North Queensland cane growers and major program partners – Reef Catchments, Terrain Natural Resource Management, NQ Dry Tropics, the Australian Government, WWF and The Coca-Cola Foundation.

The program aims to promote, test and progress the use of innovative farm practices that improve the quality of water running off cane farms and impacting the Great Barrier Reef.

Project Catalyst supports a network of Wet Tropics, Mackay Whitsunday and Burdekin farmers who are leading the way in the use of cutting-edge management practices for a more sustainable and profitable farming future.

Projects are supported by independent agronomists from Farmacist and T.R.A.P. with economic analysis undertaken by the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (QDAFF).


Cane Farmers Want to Help the Reef

Four Farmers Talk About Their Experience of Project Catalyst

These farmers have all been involved in Project Catalyst. Watch these videos to hear their stories.

Accornero - Stephen, Annalisa & Brendan| Corn as a Rotation Crop (Herbert)

Reinaudo Family | Within Block Variable Rate Nutrient Application (Herbert)

Ottone & Sons (Michael & Peter) | Compost Tea & Bio-Fert in Sugar Cane (Tully)

Reid- Norm, Linda & Peter | Zonal Cultivation Methods for Existing Control Traffic Beds (Herbert)

For more information contact:

Michael Waring - Terrain NRM Project Catalyst Agronomist


0428 771 361