Reef Programme

From 2008-2016, the Australian Government’s Reef investment in the Wet Tropics provided grants to 973 individual farming enterprises over almost 346,000 ha to improve farming practices.

A $28 million investment by the Reef Programme in grants was matched by a $37 million contribution by farmers as in-kind and in cash.

Terrain delivered 1,450 grants to farmers in this eight year period and received 2,372 applications for grants. Grants were offered to the cane, banana, horticulture, multi-cropping, dairy and grazing industries, and training was also supported by the Reef Programme in nutrient, pesticide and soil management.

The Programme also supported an innovation program to allow farmers to trial new and developing practices.

Industry Land Management Units Grants                                   
Banana 107 165
Cane 628 969
Dairy 37 69
Forestry 1 1
Grazing Dry 21 35
Grazing Wet 97 85
Multicrop 61 103
Papaw 14 15
Tree Crops 7 8
Totals 973 1,450

Extension services helped 821 farmers in farm planning, predominantly in the cane industry. Over 1300 farmers in cane, banana and multicrops attended training workshops to learn about best practice for use of herbicides and efficiencies of fertiliser use.

Paddock to Reef

The Paddock to Reef Integrated Monitoring, Modelling and Reporting Program is a collaboration involving governments, industry bodies, regional natural resource management bodies, landholders and research organisations designed to model changes to end of catchment pollutant loads as a result of Reef investment in improving farming practices across the whole GBR catchment. Annual Report Cards show results of the P2R program available on theQueensland Government website.

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Case studies