Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator

Jen Redway is the Wet Tropics Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator (RALF).

Funded by the Australian Government, Jen's role is to support farmers in adopting innovative and sustainable farming practices.

Jen helps to coordinate and deliver:

  • workshops, farm demonstrations and events where farmers can network and learn from each other
  • new communities of practice that support sustainable agriculture

She also helps farmers with:

  • grant/funding opportunities
  • implementing changes that improve the environment and ecosystem services both on and off farm
  • skills to maintain viable farming systems in the face of future challenges
  • connecting with specialists and other farmers to progress new farming/land management practices on your property

Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitators are funded by the Australian Government’s Regional Land Partnerships initiative of the National Landcare Program.

To find out more please contact Jen on:

Soil Health Hub

The Soil Health Hub for the Wet Tropics region is an ever expanding resource library for the collective dirt we have compiled on the What, Why, Where, Who and How of great soil biology. You can search the full list of soil health technical resources, videos and case studies, find contact details for local soil health groups and see soil maps for the Wet Tropics region.