Design to Doing


Following a 6-month design phase, the MIP program was endorsed and officially launched by environment minister Dr Steven Miles. The next three years of implementation are a chance for everyone involved to demonstrate water quality leadership. Together, we can show that the people living and working in the areas can create solutions that are tailor-made to catchment conditions and landholder needs, and that reflect the diversity and changing nature of farming in the Wet Tropics.

You can download the entire program design for insight into the design process. Want the short version? Take a look at the MIP brochure. It's shiny, colourful, and only 6 pages! If you prefer information by video, click below.


Find out what's been going on in your basin!

Tully - May

Johnstone - May

March 2018 - Sandra Henrich - Johnstone

March 2018 - Fiona George - Tully

Feb 2018: Sandra Henrich - Johnstone

Feb 2018: Fiona George - Tully

Jan 2018: Fiona George - Tully

Jan 2018: Sandra Henrich - Johnstone

Dec 2017: Fiona George - Tully

Dec 2017: Sandra Henrich - Johnstone