Terrain begins recruitment campaign for new CEO

July 10, 2019

Terrain NRM chief executive officer Carole Sweatman is stepping down from her role, after nine years leading natural resource management in the Wet Tropics region.

Ms Sweatman, who is well-known for her work building partnerships and industry-leading initiatives, has announced her resignation - but will continue with Terrain for up to eight months to ensure a seamless leadership transition.

As the recruitment campaign for a new CEO begins, Terrain NRM chair Keith Noble paid tribute to a dedicated leader of the natural resource management sector.

He said Ms Sweatman had been a driving force in establishing strong and productive partnerships between conservation and production sectors, with governments and across industries and community groups. She was also at the forefront of innovative programs breaking new ground in Great Barrier Reef water quality, both in the Wet Tropics and across Queensland and the nation.

“The $15 million Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project is one standout – the usual ‘top-down’ approach has been replaced by a ‘ground-up’ collaborative effort from land managers, scientists and others in the project’s design,’’ Dr Noble said. “This has created a fertile ground for many ideas to flourish including Reef Credits, an ecosystem service payments scheme which has the potential to completely change the way we finance reef programs.

“Carole is proud to be one of the key creators of the North Queensland NRM Alliance between Terrain NRM, Cape York NRM and Northern Gulf Resource Management Group, which has put the Far North organisations at the leading edge of greater efficiencies by streamlining shared corporate services.

“We can thank Carole for leading these and many other initiatives, and for Terrain NRM’s sound financial footing and reputation in the not-for-profit and natural resource management sectors.’’

Ms Sweatman said Terrain NRM was a huge part of her life.

“Working with the agricultural industry, environmental groups, governments, traditional owners, community groups and the wider community on a sustainable future for the Wet Tropics region has been immensely fulfilling,’’ Ms Sweatman said.

“I am excited about the opportunities ahead for myself on a broader natural resource level and for Terrain NRM.”

Dr Noble said the recruitment process for a new chief executive officer would begin this week.

“With Terrain at the forefront of regional natural resource management in Australia, we are looking at new strategic directions and both Ms Sweatman and our new CEO will be instrumental in developing the roadmap for our future,’’ he said.

“The meeting of the rainforest and Great Barrier Reef world-heritage areas make the Wet Tropics region truly unique. For more than 15 years we have been working with over 50 organisations and hundreds of individual land managers across the region. Our focus is on collaboration and improving the condition of the environment while also maintaining sustainable livelihoods and industries.”

For more information about Terrain NRM’s CEO position and the recruitment process, please visit this website.