Reef Programs Gear Up With Extra Jobs

August 3, 2018

Ten new employment opportunities are available in the Wet Tropics as major Reef projects gear up to improve water quality flowing off the land into the Great Barrier Reef.

All ten roles involve working in the agriculture industry, supporting farmers who are adopting more sustainable farming practices.

The Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project is a three-year project funded by the Queensland Government through the Queensland Reef Water Quality Program and designed by more than 40 organisations and hundreds of people in the Tully and Johnstone catchments on the Cassowary Coast. The project is investing up to $15 million to deliver land management practice change, catchment repair activities and installation of treatment systems, water quality monitoring and  the trialling of an innovative new Reef Credits scheme which will be similar to carbon credits. With the project ramping up in the Innisfail and Tully regions, recruitment has begun for two new extension officers and an agribusiness extension officer.

A second major Reef project is seeking seven new employees to provide one-on-one extension and training support to sugar cane growers throughout the Wet Tropics region. The Australian Government’s Reef Trust III program is being delivered by the Wet Tropics Sugar Industry Partnership (WTSIP).

Carole Sweatman, CEO at Terrain NRM, said the new roles were a great opportunity for people with a passion for sustainable agriculture.

“The Great Barrier Reef is a global icon and a tremendous amount of effort is being directed into minimising pollutants flowing into the Reef lagoon in order to build its resilience and give it the best chance of recovering from coral bleaching events,” Ms Sweatman said.

“Wet Tropics farmers have already made significant progress over the past decade so we are now looking to build on that progress and supercharge the effort to improve water quality outcomes in ways that will also achieve a yield and profit benefit to farmers.

“We will be recruiting people who can work effectively with farmers and understand the challenges they face when making significant changes to their farming systems.”

Anyone interested in finding out more can access the position descriptions here.