Robin Clark brings land use planning expertise

August 23, 2017

Robin Clark has been appointed as a Terrain Director, pro tempore, and brings over 30 years’ experience in land use planning and natural resource management.

The appointment follows Keith Noble’s move into the role of Chair, after Mike Berwick’s retirement earlier this year, which left a vacant Director position. Both Ms Clark’s and Dr Noble’s positions are until the 2017 AGM.

Ms Clark’s decision to join Terrain comes from a firm belief that planning must go hand in hand with on-ground activity. “The planning framework can only go so far – NRM is equally important,” she said.

“The real strength of natural resource management is the connection with people on the ground, of knowing the patch, of doing the work every single day which is absolutely needed to get outcomes at the grass roots level.”

Ms Clark has been living and working in the far north for more than 20 years, and has worked for a number of State government agencies, primarily involved in the preparation of the Wet Tropical Coast Coastal Management Plan and Far North Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031.

Of her appointment as a Terrain Director, she said, “The thing that excites me about my involvement with Terrain is working with such dedicated and motivated people – it’s very energising. There is a lot of passion and energy as a result of the direction that the Terrain group are taking NRM in the Wet Tropics.”