The agriculture industry is vital to the viability of our rural communities, and needs support to maximise production and profitability in the face of depleted soils and a heating climate.

About two thirds of agricultural land in Australia is suffering from acidification, depletion of nutrients and organic matter, or salinisation. Given the Wet Tropics produces 90% of Australia’s bananas and 30% of its sugarcane, as well as a variety of tropical fruits, building soil health and agricultural resilience is a major priority for our region.

Terrain NRM is actively involved in securing the future of our agricultural industries by helping farmers shift to systems that build organic matter, support soil health, increase biodiversity, improve water cycling and capture carbon. This all builds resilience to droughts and floods, and reduces the pressure on our ecosystems, particularly the Great Barrier Reef.

What we do:

  • Bring national and international experts to the region
  • Provide extension support for soil health and regenerative farming improvements
  • Training in soil testing and water sampling
  • Help with grant applications

Current sustainable agriculture projects:

tillage radish

sustainable agriculture

sustainable agriculture

sustainable agriculture


Terrain NRM developed a 6-month soil health program for farmers in 2014. It was a so successful that the original farmers who took part in the course continued to maintain their connection by establishing Wet Tropics Soilcare. This group has continued to expand as the interest in soil health has gained momentum amongst Wet Tropics farmers.

Focusing on soil health is a win/win for farmers and the environment.

For farmers, it means improved productivity and healthier crops. For the environment, healthier soils means improved water quality and less carbon emissions.

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