Mossman Integrated Catchment Repair Project

The primary goal of this project is to increase the long-term resilience of streambanks in the Mossman basin.

The Cassowary and Saltwater Creek sub-catchments have been identified as the priority to be targeted under this program.

Funded by the Queensland Government’s Natural Resources Investment Program, implementation will be a collaborative effort by local canegrowers, industry, council and natural resource management.

Remediation activities will include planting and extending riparian vegetation, and construction of engineered rock works like walls, groynes and chutes that stabilise watercourses and improve property drainage.

Why it’s important

Resilient streambanks are an important environmental and farming asset. They are better able to withstand weather-related pressures like rainfall and flood events.

Erosion not only damages farming enterprise, it impacts the quality of water flowing through creeks, wetlands and out to the Great Barrier Reef lagoon. Project activities will reduce the export of sediments from eroding stream banks.

Increasing the extent and condition of native riparian vegetation will help protect waterways, as well as building habitat connectivity that encourages wildlife and increase biodiversity.

Farmers will also be supported through extension efforts, and knowledge and capacity building. 

Why Cassowary and Saltwater?

An integrated, whole-of-system approach was a priority. The Cassowary and Saltwater sub-catchments which were selected for the potential to repair their entire reaches. Patchwork approaches that only focus on selected areas tend to push the problem up- or downstream.

There is clear evidence that riparian vegetation combined with engineered rock works is the best way to stabilise streambanks, however, remediation activities are expensive.

By prioritising the landscape in a way that uses the money to get the most impact, it is hoped that the results present a strong case to funders to roll this approach out in other catchments.

Who to contact

For more information about the Mossman Integrated Catchment Repair project, contact Terrain NRM’s Ruginaa Duffy on 0401 257 552 or