Strong interest in Plan for Wet Tropics

April 21, 2016

Gary Searle from Terrain hands Tablet to one of the winners Nadine O'Brien

Gary Searle from Terrain hands Tablet to one of the lucky winners Nadine O'Brien

Interest continues to grow in the Wet Tropics Plan for People and Country since it was launched in Cairns in November 2015.

A recent ‘feedback’ competition on the Plan’s Facebook page has attracted a lot of interest from the public with the chance to win a Lenovo 8 inch Tablet.                                                                                        

Terrain’s Gary Searle (NRM Strategy and Knowledge Team Leader) said, “We are heartened by the 22 pieces of feedback so far and it is quite clear from the responses that there is a good mix from around the Wet Tropics region.” 

The feedback has been quite positive overall but there have been a number of things identified for improvement including refining some of the navigation to help people manoeuvre around the website with less clicks and ideas for additional things to include. 

Congratulations to the three winners of a Lenovo 8 inch tablet being Nadine O'Brien, Paul Michna
and Robert Klaricich. 

We thank everyone who has given feedback and the general feedback form  will remain active on the plan website as we want to make sure that the community will always have a mechanism to provide input into this plan. 

It is a living plan and will be updated regularly so any feedback that gets submitted will not just sit around collecting dust – we will use it to inform ongoing updates. The link to the page is: 

A number of changes and additions will be made to the plan between now and the end of May when   a Wet Tropics Plan newsletter outlining the new features and content will be sent out. 

For information about the Wet Tropics Plan for People and country contact Gary Searle on 0409 215 510 or go to