Supporting indigenous projects

July 29, 2016

Gulnay Cultural On-Country Camp at Bedford's Landing

Gulnay Cultural On-Country Camp at Bedford's Landing

Traditional Owners across the State can now apply for Queensland Government Indigenous Land and Sea Grants to build their capacity to conserve and protect environmental and cultural resources.

Terrain NRM works with indigenous groups across the Wet Tropics and are actively supporting interested groups to access the grants of up to $75,000.

Terrain’s Tony O’Malley is working with Gulnay Traditional Owners in the Tully area. He said, “Part of our job is to support TO groups in securing funding for, and implementing NRM projects. These grants are a great opportunity for indigenous people to broaden and strengthen their role in managing country.

“With our networks of government, community, industry and scientists, we are able to support traditional owners develop and grow collaborative relationships and partnerships.”                 

Terrain has already been worked with some groups who were successful in previous Indigenous Land and Sea Grant funding rounds.

Tony said, “Gulnay received a grant in the previous round. The funding provided training, employment and on-ground action for natural and cultural resource management in areas that are highly valued by Traditional Owners.”

Through the grant, Gulnay group were able to draft a management plan for the Jingalingnu area. Tony said, “The plan will support their upcoming application, particularly as it demonstrates they are working with partners such as National Parks, Council and the local community to identify and implement strategic priority actions”.

Clarence Kinjun from Gulnay Traditional Owners said, “Gulnay are really happy that Terrain is supporting us in applying for the grant and are helping us to manage our country.”

For more about the Queensland Government Indigenous Land and Sea Grant Program, click here.

IMAGE: Theresa Beeron, Trisha Beeron, Daniel Beeron, Bryan Tobane, Claude Beeron, Joseph Kinjun, Jean Thaiday, Seraeah Wyles, Whitney Rassip, Leonard Andy, Doris Kinjun, Clarence Kinjun.