Tailor made mapping system available to groups

February 23, 2017

Terrain online mapping tool

Here is the chance for your group to have its very own, tailor-made online mapping system developed, to record on-ground project data, like revegetation sites, wildlife sightings or weed management activities.

Terrain staff can ‘build’ an online mapping system which suits your group, as well as provide ongoing technical support and training so you can put your own data in and get useful information back out. 

The Wet Tropics Plan already has some excellent online mapping tools, which can be accessed here. These mapping tools will allow you to prepare and print your own maps, but won’t allow you to input or store your own data, whereas the tailor-made system is completely flexible and will give you much more than just dots or lines on a map. You might set up your group’s mapping system to record the change in area of weed or pest infestations over time, with records of the type of treatment used, what time of year it occurred, whether it was linked to a funded project, who was involved…the list is up to you!

A number of local community groups, such as the Mahogany Glider Recovery Team and Barron Catchment Care, are already up and running with their mapping systems, and are finding it useful for recording details and locations of completed projects, planning new project locations and working out the size of sites.  External data, like essential habitat for threatened species or important habitat linkages, can be added in so you can see how your project contributes to broader, strategic outcomes.

You can create your own maps from the system and print them to take when you’re talking to landholders, or to include with project applications or reports.  The data you collect and enter into the system can be specific for your group’s needs, and can be listed as either private or public. Private information would require a secure log-in and password to access, so may only be available to members of the group, while public data could be linked to your website or the Wet Tropics Plan website for broader access. 

Groups aren’t required to have their own website, although Terrain can also support your group to create your own web page which links to the Wet Tropics Plan site.  This could be useful for smaller groups who don’t currently have their own web page. 

If you would like more information about developing a mapping system or a web page for your group, please contact Terrain or your local Community Partnerships staff on 4043 8000.