Terrain Chair Steps Down

March 1, 2017

Terrain Chair Steps Down

Mike Berwick has retired from his positions as Chair of Terrain NRM and the Queensland NRM Regional Groups Collective to enable him to take up a full-time role with Green Collar, an NRM and environmental markets consultancy.

Mr Berwick has been at the forefront of raising the profile of natural resource management both locally and nationally. He said his decision to leave Terrain was not an easy one, but that his new role provides the critical ‘next step’ in securing resources for NRM bodies, community groups and landholders to sustainably manage their landscapes.

“It has been a privilege to work with Terrain and watch it grow into a leading NRM organisation that is building strong collaborative partnerships and delivering results on the ground.

“I have valued and enjoyed my role in Terrain and NRM generally, the friendships I’ve made and the colleagues I’ve worked with. The talent and commitment of staff always amazes me,” Mr Berwick said.

“GreenCollar, the company I’ve started with, is working with Reef Regions, aligning its established land sector carbon abatement business (storing carbon in trees and soil) and with biodiversity, water quality and primary production co-benefits. I hope to continue working with the NRM sector finding new ways to pay landowners and community groups for ecosystem services to help the reef and the environment generally

“The company has impressed me by its financial success, sound ethics and willingness to risk investing in ambitious public good activities that may never deliver a commercial return. My role is part of that investment.”

In recognition of Berwick’s significant contribution Terrain’s board has formally announced that he will be made a Terrain Life Member to be awarded at the AGM later in the year.

Dr Keith Noble will Chair Terrain pro tempore until a new Chair is appointed at the AGM. Dr Noble is a two-term Director of Terrain, and both a farmer and rural planner who has worked throughout rural and regional Australia. Dr Noble brings both knowledge and experience to the role, and says he will continue to focus on building community and industry relationships around natural resource management.

“I am committed to the sustainable development of Northern Australia and I am convinced Regional NRM bodies play a critical role in ensuring the wisdom and experience of on-ground managers and their communities are included in government decision making and policy processes,” he said.

“While Terrain’s recent focus has, quite rightly, been on the Great Barrier Reef and water quality, as a community we need to value and maintain all our landscapes for both local residents and the international community. This can only be done by the people who live here, supported by strong networks and community dialogues, and that is what Terrain provides.”