The Path from Ideas to Action

April 7, 2017

Maps of Johnstone and Tully catchmentsA rich exchange of experience and knowledge is critical for the Wet Tropics MIP Project Panel to make design choices from the amazing ideas created by the community in early March.

A two day technical workshop held on 20 and 21 March is part of a new approach on how to bring together a diverse range of people and build a grass roots design process.

Technical advisors were selected by the WT MIP Project Panel to cover the widest range of expertise, and bring together the necessary knowledge to underpin the prioritisation process.

Intentionally smaller than the earlier creativity workshops, the purpose was to review all of the ideas, and determine the work required for further development of concepts, identify possible "concept champions", and prepare draft job briefs for ideas that require feasibility reports. The workshop also provides advice on landscape prioritisation by using spatial data and integrating industry, scientific and technical knowledge.

Over the coming weeks, concepts that show real potential for water quality outcomes and community benefits will be checked for community benefit, feasibility and cost effectiveness, and further developed.

“520 ideas coming together is exciting, and challenging!” said CANEGROWERS Innisfail Chairman, Joe Marano, who also sits on the Wet Tropics MIP Project Panel.

“The project has tight timeframes but we’re looking forward to putting up a draft design that encompasses everything we’re trying to achieve in the Tully and Johnstone catchments.”

Australian Banana Growers Council Extension Officer and Project Panel member Robert Mayers said, “Even though the first round of workshops has concluded, growers still have a great opportunity to be a part of the WTMIP implementation.”

Ongoing engagement with groups and organisations in the catchment areas will continue to late April, and the Wet Tropics MIP team will continue to provide regular updates to the community.

Growers and community members are invited to attend 1/2 day solutions workshops on 27 (Innisfail) and 28 April (Tully) for a WTMIP project update. The team is looking forward to this opportunity for input and refinement of the draft program design and to enable the continued involvement by communities in each catchment.

27th April, Australian Sugar Heritage Museum, Mourilyan: 9am - 1pm (morning tea and lunch included)

28th April, Tully Mill Rec Hall, Tully: 10am - 3pm (morning tea and lunch included)