Watch out Facebook, here we come!

July 29, 2016

Watch out Facebook, here we come!

Social media training in Cairns

Thirteen community natural resource management (NRM) groups and organisations from around the region are now better equipped to reach and engage a broader audience using social media thanks to recent workshops held by Terrain NRM.


Terrain engaged Sam Morris from Wombat Creative to share her expertise in effectively using social media. Her environmental and communications background made her an appealing presenter who can relate to the challenges relating to building community participation in the industry.

Lisa O’Mara from Mulgrave Landcare and Treeforce said, “We want to spread the word about what we do, and inspire people to participate in our events. I’m a Facebook user but felt that I needed some hints on how to better my reach and get people excited about Landcare in the area.”

“The training gave me some tips about how to improve our image and create eye-catching event pages that are likely to appeal to a broader audience.”

Deborah Pergolotti from the Cairns Frog Hospital has not used social media much before. “I know there is a place for it, and I was curious about how it can work for us to help build awareness about frogs and even invite some donations to help our cause,” she said. “The training certainly helped me have a better understanding of how it works.”

Twenty seven attendees from thirteen groups/organisations in the Wet Tropics region attended the training.

Terrain’s Marin Haldane attended and said that the training provided a great step-by-step approach to using social media effectively. She said, “It was really interesting to see the diversity of experiences of the participants and how overwhelming the social media landscape can be.”

Overall, the feedback received so far indicates that the training has motivated attendees to get more active on social media by applying their new knowledge.

Terrain’s Community Partnerships Team Leader Bart Dryden said, “The training was a joint investment between our partnerships and communication budgets.

“We as an organisation have been seeing the growing benefits of using social media particularly in reaching new people, engaging them in our business, building relationships and networking.”

He said, “The value and importance of using social media is growing, and we thought it of interest and value to our partners and members. We wanted to help them to tell the story of the great work that they do and help build their own capacity to better engage the community online.”

Bryony Barnett from Barron Catchment Care said, “Thanks Terrain for this opportunity to keep abreast of communications and community engagement through social media. I've come out of the fog!”