Wet Tropics Plan Launched

November 24, 2015

Wet Tropics Plan Launched

Warren Entsch, Federal Member for Leichhardt, has launched the revolutionary Wet Tropics Plan for People and Country, which he has described as a brilliant resource for a whole range of sectors within our Wet Tropics community.

“It will be particularly helpful for government at all levels when we’re looking to identify worthwhile projects and track their progress and effectiveness,” he said.

Based on more than 1,300 community contributions, the plan was compiled by Terrain NRM and developed in an interactive web-based format, a big move away from traditional printed documents.

Funded by the Australian Government, Terrain has developed the plan on behalf of the community and will continue to maintain it. It outlines the actions needed to safeguard our unique tropical landscapes, lifestyle and livelihoods against the onslaught of invasive pests and weeds, competing land use demands and climate change.

The web-based plan is a practical tool that any community members can access at any time for a variety of purposes. Visitors to the site can find out the latest information on a range of topics, build their own maps, discover projects in progress and how to get involved and connect with others. The new digital format will enable the plan to be kept current and allow for monitoring and tracking of progress.

Terrain has spent 18 months working with the community to develop the plan. Community groups, farmers, local industry groups, Traditional Owners, councils and government as well as CSIRO, JCU and other research agencies have been involved.

The plan includes actions for water, cultural heritage, biodiversity, sustainable industry, coasts and biosecurity. It also includes the latest information on climate change from national and international research organisations with details about how these changes are likely to affect the Wet Tropics and what we can do to adapt.

Carole Sweatman, Terrain’s CEO, said, “In many ways, the launch of the plan is the beginning. It is based on extensive community and technical input, but now we want people to get in and have a play with it, and tell us how it can be improved or amended. We have tried to create a really useful plan for the whole community that can also adapt to reflect changing information and priorities over time.”

Mr Entsch said he was extremely impressed with the range of detailed information available on the website and the way it was presented in an easy-to-use, engaging format.

“I have to congratulate Terrain NRM for their work,” he said. “They’ve carried out a very extensive consultation process with the Wet Tropics community to prioritise key actions, and through having the information available via a website rather than a printed report it can continually be updated.

Community members are encouraged to visit the Wet Tropics Plan for People and Country at www.wettropicsplan.org.au and provide feedback to Terrain.