The Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project (MIP) is an innovative and ambitious project that is trialling a whole new approach reef water quality projects to accelerate progress towards the Reef 2050 targets.


The MIP is focusing on two water quality hot spots. Funded by the Queensland Government and designed by the community, it is farmer-centric, with landholders driving the solutions for their landscapes.  A suite of initiatives are customised to individual needs.


  • Placed-based strategy strategy – customised to individuals farms and local landscapes
  • Trial of treatment systems including denitrification bioreactors, in-drain and landscape wetlands, high-efficiency sediment basins and riparian buffer zones
  • Bridging the gap between farmers and reef water quality science with local-scale water quality monitoring
  • Farm services to support farmers in exploring new solutions to improve water quality


Johnstone and Tully catchments on the Cassowary Coast, south of Cairns


Terrain is leading a consortium of 40+ partners. The project is coordinated by Terrain in partnership with Canegrowers, Australian Banana Growers’ Council, Local Government, community groups, traditional owners, consultants, investors and researchers.


This project is funded by the Queensland Government’s Reef Water Quality Program.

Achievements so far

  • Significant landholder engagement – 452 participants
  • 23,996 hectares of confirmed practice change
  • Estimated DIN reduction of 55 tonnes
  • Cost benefit analysis of 16 treatment systems
  • Contribution to Queensland Government bioreactor guideliness
  • Extensive water quality monitoring program (46 sites)
  • New ecosystem service market developed – Reef Credits
  • 13 Indigenous staff trained in water quality sampling

View our latest Farm Services, Catchment Repair and Local Scale Monitoring project achievements here.


Join Fiona George as she digs deep to uncover incredible stories from the Tully agriculture industry. From humble beginnings by the Banyan to a multi-million-dollar industry and lifeblood of local communities – explore the history, challenges and opportunities from the comfort of your tractor, car or however you tune into podcasts.


WTMIP trials help inform new bioreactor guidelines

WTMIP trials help inform new bioreactor guidelines

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Woodchip filled trenches improving water quality
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Tully Sustainable Farming Day

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