‘What’s New’ with the NRM Plan!?

June 30, 2016

‘What’s New’ with the NRM Plan!?

The Wet Tropics Plan for People and Country now has a page dedicated to letting you know ‘what’s new’.

Terrain’s Gary Searle said, “We are constantly building and improving new features and pages. Going to ‘ What’s New’ is a great way to simply and quickly find the new stuff that’s been added to the website.”

The What’s New page was added in May and since then a bunch of pages have been added or updated, including:

Gary said, “The pages and interactive maps and tools are relevant to all of us who live in and love the Wet Tropics region.

“Everyone is welcome and encouraged to take a good look at the Plan and provide feedback about the website, how it works and what information is within.”

Terrain NRM is the caretaker of the Plan on behalf of the Community. Gary said, “We seek to encourage everyone in the region to take a look at the Plan and tell us what they value about the Wet Tropics region.”

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