Woodlands – Tackling Threats

​The Wet Tropics’ endangered mahogany glider, the broad-leafed tea tree and ant plants will be better protected thanks to the 'Biodiversity Hotspots: Tackling Woodland Threats' project.

This project is funded by the Australian Government through its National Landcare Program.

Work includes:

  • Tree-planting in mahogany glider areas from Tully to Crystal Creek, just north of Townsville, to connect glider habitat.
  • Improving fire regimes by working with the Girringun Aboriginal Rangers to implement an ongoing burning program.
  • Working with landholders on weed management in woodland/savannah areas on priority properties.
  • Designing a trial mahogany glider population monitoring program.

Terrain NRM will be working in partnership with landholders, James Cook University researchers, the Mahogany Glider Recovery Team and Girringun Aboriginal rangers.

About Mahogany Gliders

These gliders are listed as ‘endangered’. They are only found in North Queensland between Tully and Crystal Creek north of Townsville. Their habitat has reduced significantly and become badly fragmented over time. Most mahogany glider habitat is outside national parks on freehold and leasehold land, and in other areas.

About Broad-Leafed Tea Tree

Broad-leafed tea tree is listed as an endangered ecological community. It grows in the high-rainfall area of coastal North Queensland, and the Wet Tropics region is home to just over 30 per cent of remaining woodlands.

About Ant Plants

Ant Plant is listed as vulnerable and as one of Australia’s top-30 priority plant species for recovery under the Threatened Species Strategy. You'll find ant plants in open woodland dominated by broad leaf tea-tree, or mangroves. Its main threats are habitat loss and fragmentation, habitat degradation caused by weeds, and the thickening of woodland through altered fire regimes.

Who can I contact about this project?

For more information, phone Terrain NRM’s Jacqui Diggins on 0457 577 955 or send an email to jacqui.richards@terrain.org.au

You can also visit the Australian Government's National Landcare Program 'Regional Landcare Partnerships' webpage.


Mahogany Glider Recovery Team

Terrain NRM has created a guide for revegetation work in the southern Wet Tropics:

Wildlife Friendly Fencing Project

Photo credit: D Dickson