Your Backyard Story Map

August 2, 2016

Your Backyard Story Map

One of the images in the Story Map about our Backyard (Wallaman Falls during TC Ita Flood by Jacqui Richards)

More and more story maps are being added to the Wet Tropics Plan for People and Country. What WE love about our BACKYARD is one with fantastic images of some of the natural resources dotted around the region.

Each image has a description and a location on the map and tells the story about what some of the natural resources are in the region.

Terrain’s Gary Searle said, “You can easily browse through the 34 images to gain a glimpse of some of the many things we love about our backyard, the Wet Tropics region.

“All of these images are related to something we as a community value including lifestyle, livelihood, nature, landscapes and industry.”

This is one of eight story maps already embedded in the plan. Others focus on threatened and endangered species, weeds and water.

Gary said, “Story maps are a new and engaging way of communicating some of the key projects and activities going on around the region that are contributing to taking care of our natural resources.

“We hope the broader community will get some pleasure out of taking a look.”

The full suite of story maps so far can be found on the Wet Tropics Plan for People and Country website or by clicking here.

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