Terrain's onground successes are underpinned by the strength of its partnerships and the direct contribution of individuals and organisations to its programs.

In recognition, Terrain has created Membership Programs to provide opportunities and formally acknowledge this support.

Terrain's Ordinary Membership Body comprises representatives from organisations across the region with an interest in NRM. Like shareholders in a company, this group is the direct link between the region's NRM community and its Board of Directors.

Terrain's Supporting Membership program was created to harness the commitment and goodwill of individual community members, families, groups and businesses wishing to contribute financially to the management of the region's natural resources.

Members' benefits

Be part of Terrain – a community based organisation working to secure the health of our water, biodiversity, soil, river, climate, Traditional Owner and community assets. Benefits include:

  • Vote - Voting rights at the AGM (and 'special meetings')
  • Influence - Be part of, and influence, the regional NRM agenda and its approach to natural resource management
  • Network - Gain access to the regional NRM network that Terrain provides
  • Communicate - Receive information about events and funding opportunities relating to NRM
  • Get involved - Access opportunities to become actively involved in our projects and those of our partners.

Members are encouraged to contact us anytime to present ideas on improving membership benefits and services.

Terrain continually seeks to improve member and partner engagement.