Natural Capital Fund

The Natural Capital Fund was established as an Environmental Trust Fund by Terrain NRM in 2006.

It is a public fund that has been set up to support the environmental objectives of Terrain. It was established to receive gifts of money from members of the public and has deductible gift recipient status. As such any donations made to the Natural Capital Fund are tax deductible to the donor.

All of the donations paid to the Natural Capital fund are maintained in a separate bank account to Terrain and shown separately in the financial reports. Each year, Terrain completes and lodges a statistical return about the Natural Capital Fund to the Register of Environmental Organisations (due by the end of October).

A management committee consisting of Bart Dryden, Ken Atkinson and Ryan Donnelly administer the fund. It is expected that they will meet at least once a year to decide how to utilise the funds. No fees are to be paid for any meetings to these committee members.

If the Natural Capital Fund ceases to exist, the remaining money in the funds account must be transferred to another Environmental Trust Fund.

Further information about the Natural Capital Fund can be found in Terrain’s constitution at Clause 27.

If you would like to donate to the Natural Capital Fund, please contact Terrain via email and our administration team will contact you with further information.

 Recent recipients

TREAT Kick-Start Regrowth Acceleration Trial Continuation $31,560
TREAT Improving rainforest replanting practice in the Wet Tropics $7,650
Children for Change Inc The AICE Club Project $30,299