Reef Trust – Cane

Reef Trust is being developed and implemented in a phased approach, and as each new project phase is released, applications for funding can be made.

There are currently three phases being delivered in the Wet Tropics with varying strategies and objectives. Follow the links to find out more detailed information on each phase.

Reef Trust Phases in the Wet Tropics

Phase I - Reef Trust Tender Wet Tropics

Timing: 2014-2018
Funding: $1.4m to 14 cane farmers

Phase 1  has been running since 2014 and involves a small number of farmers who have been implementing new practices on their farms to improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency. Funding was allocated through a competitive tender process, with farmers having the flexibility to choose practices that deliver improved NUE on their farms. Case studies are available on these farmers for farmers interested in applying for funding through the latest round of Reef Trust Tenders (Phase IV - see below).

Phase III - Growing a Great Barrier Reef

Timing: 2016-2019
Funding: $10.8m across cane, bananas, dairy and multi-crop

Phase III involves the provision of extension and training, grants and support and grants for innovation projects. Terrain NRM is involved in delivering Phase III's Wet Tropics cane targets as part of the Wet Tropics Sugar Industry Partnership (WTSIP).

Phase IV - Repeated Tenders Wet Tropics

Timing: 2017-2022
Funding: $11.8m across the Wet Tropics and Dry Tropics

Phase IV is a repeated tender programme (reverse auctions) aimed at improving nitrogen management on cane farms to improve profitability for farms while reducing nutrient runoff.



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