We are repairing erosion hotspots and improving land management practices in the Upper Johnstone River catchment. Ultimately this is improving the quality of water flowing to the Great Barrier Reef, and making the land more resilient.


The Johnstone River catchment is a ‘high priority’ for sediment reduction within Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef zone.  Subsoil erosion causes most of the fine sediment load entering the Reef lagoon. This is the first project focusing on the Upper Johnstone, and it complements the Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project (use link) in the lower Johnstone.


  • A range of engineered rock structures
  • Revegetation work
  • Fencing
  • Off-stream watering points
  • Soil health and grazing workshops for landholders


Malanda, Ithaca-Thiaki and East Palmerston-Nerada sub-catchments in the Atherton Tablelands-Innisfail region south of Cairns.


This $2.3M four-year project is funded by the Queensland Government’s Natural Resources Investment Program.


Community organisations
Local contractors and service providers

Achievements so far

  • 5 gully remediation sites completed
  • On-farm ‘Zuni bowls’ constructed at two sites
  • 160+ landholders at Grazing Naturally workshops
  • 3 workshops to gather local landscape knowledge
  • Water-sampling workshops for landholders


Riverbank Stabilisation Work

Riverbank Stabilisation Work

Template 1 Landscape repair
Gerard Puglisi’s creek-side land was washed away in floods. Earthworks and trees will better prepare him for the future.
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Zuni Bowls to Stop Erosion

Zuni Bowls to Stop Erosion

Water Template 1 Landscape repair
Zuni bowls have begun their work to stop erosion on farming land in the Upper Johnstone
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Tackling Erosion with Trees

Tackling Erosion with Trees

Water Template 1 Landscape repair
Teams of tree-planters are helping to fight erosion on Tablelands properties
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